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....Scrap Paper Floral Prints

Here is the present I have made for my sister-in law. Lucky she's not on Facebook so shouldn't see this before I give it to her!

Yet another super easy task, a little bit time consuming as there's a fair bit of paint drying time, but other than that, you need minimal supplies to create such a beautifully effective piece.

Also, check out this project over at Sew can do, along with other Pinterest inspired fun!

Ok, this project is a complete copy from this fantastic site, but I couldn't flaw it so was a big ole copycat.

1 plain canvas
Paint Sample pot-I used 2, shale grey and windspray
A few assorted pieces of scrapbooking paper (I used about 8)


Here's what I did...

Paint your canvases. I did 2 coats ensuring each was completely dry between coats. The light one windspray and the dark one is shale grey.

I cut out lots of little rectangles of scrap paper ranging from 2cm to 6 cm in length

I then cut a variety of leaf sizes by trimming the paper from corner to corner (as pictured)

Starting from the centre 'bud', I placed the leaves onto the canvas in the configuration I liked. I found having the flower a bit off centre made for an interesting effect.

After you have achieved the desired configuration, glue each one down ensuring you fold over the leaves which go over the ledge and glue them to the sides.

I made 2 as my Mum hinted that she may like one too. I think I prefer the darker one as the colours pop much better, which one do you prefer??


  1. I agree - the darker. Though the lighter one still looks great! Less of a statement piece

  2. Lovely Em. I also prefer the dark one.


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