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...Love Heart Birthday Cards!

After yesterday's massive task, I thought it might be nice to do a quick and easy little project today!
It's my sister-in-law Rachael's birthday on Tuesday and I thought I'd whip her up a pretty little card.
I saw this image on Pinterest which I just adored and thought I'd have a go at replicating it.

Have a go, it's SUPER easy!!

I trimmed my card stock to make it a reasonable size, I'm not actually sure of the dimensions, but it felt like a good size for the project-do what feels right for you!

I then trimmed some blue twine, tied it into a knot and glues it to my card. Don't stress too much about lengths as the hearts will cover them up. Do as many pieces of string as balloons....I amy or may not have done this correctly!

Using the Fiskars Medium love heart squeeze punch, I cut 3 different coloured 'balloons'. You could use any colours you like, I would have loved to have done brighter, bolder colours, but these were all I had on hand. Still very pretty though.

Glue your hearts to the board like so. Or in whatever configuration you desire really, it's up to you!

Because I made the card, I didn't necessarily have an envelope big enough for it to fit into so the next task was to make a hand made envelope!

I folded a piece if A4 paper in half then rounded the edges

I then sewed around the entire perimeter of the folded envelope which then acts as a glue and an embellishment!

I stuck a left over heart on the envelope to make it match the card

And voila! What a pretty pair! And all in under 15 minutes.

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