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...DIY High Chair Covers!

So, my little bubby's on solids. Oh how time flies by! We have the super funky Ikea highchair, which looks pretty cool in our dining area, but it's not the most functional highchair for a 5 month old!

That's where today's creation comes in.

This is what we've been feeding Ava in, her beautiful pale pink Bright Stars bouncer. Well, beautiful until it has carrot stains all over the pastel fabric...

I got the main gist of how to make this from a tutorial over at 'Sew Can do'.
I wanted to use a laminated cotton for my project so it would be super easy to wipe all of the fun spills off. My only options either cost a small fortune, or were pretty darn ugly, so I set out to find a product that I could use to 'laminate' a fabric of my choice.

I found a few products online, but none seemed to be available at Spotlight or Lincraft, so I headed to Gail's and managed to find a roll of fabric laminate. 
I'll be honest, I don't love the stuff, plus it cost $14 a metre, but I was set on getting this done in 1 day so I bought it and soldiered on!

I used a beautiful fabric from the Moda range called 'flirt'. Not quite sure of this particular fabric name, but I thought it was gorgeous and so suitable as it has the red to match the high chair as well as my favourite green too!!

Here's how I made my high chair cover

Using newspaper, I drafted my pattern ensuring I included the back, sides and base

I then ironed on the plastic laminate. I still have no idea if I did this correctly... I thought it may have been the type of material you peel off but that failed, so I left it on and hoped for the best!
If you are using a similar material, make sure you place the plastic dull side against the right side of the fabric. Then iron on the wrong side of the fabric to fuse them together. I found it easier to use a really hot iron, but be careful as you may crinkle the plastic.

I decided to use a plain cotton fabric for the backing as front fabric is quite pricey!

Sandwich your fabric together as shown- Batting, front fabric and back fabric right sides facing, then batting again. I actually used 3 layers of batting as I wanted it to be fairly well filled, but all depends on the effect you're after. I can guarantee it'll be much easier to sew the less you have!! (I learnt that the hard way...)

Sew all around the back shape leaving the top open for turing out. When complete, sew the top up with some bias tape-either store bought in a complimentary colour, or made out of the same fabric as I did.

 I then made some straps out of the same fabric, attached them to the top of the back piece, then added some press duds to keep it in place


Here is my finished product!!

I think Ava likes it....


  1. Thank you for the wonderful diy! I have a girl that have just started eating sitting i her high chair. Whit your wonderful diy project I managed to make my own cover. Greetings from baby Alva in Finland.

  2. Oh wow, thank you so much for stopping by and having a look! I'm so glad the tutorial was of use to you! I hope baby Alva enjoys her comfy new cover xo


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