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How to make a Reward Board for your Music Classroom!

As some of you may know, I made a massive change this year and decided to take a years unpaid leave from the school I've been working at for the past 5 years and decided to give Primary Music teaching a shot! This change for me was rather extreme, I mean, I had no idea what primary kids were learning, what standard  or level primary children are at, what curriculum to follow….let alone the important things like how to make my room pretty! 

I haven't set foot in a music room for over 10 years, and when my principal said "You're completely free to set the room up as you please, it's all yours" I felt just a teensie bit lost!

So, as any sensible teacher would, I hopped onto Pinterest to look up ideas for your music classroom and boy was it helpful!

One of my favourite ideas was a 'reward board' in which the children are rewarded for their good behaviour and can be used as an incentive for great behaviour so we can get on with more important learning activities in the classroom!

I came across lots of keyboard and guitar boards, which were really cool, (you can see these ideas here on my Pinterest Board!!) but I wanted something original, so I came up with these musical staff reward boards with fun colourful notes and the most important part…'super sparkly notes!'. Boy oh Boy do they work!

Along with these notes and the board, I also have guidelines that need to be followed in the classroom in order for the group to receive a note. They are also included on the wall along the Musical Staves.

These include

Come to Music class prepared with all supplies and homework complete

Participate in all Music class activities

Listen when others are talking or performing

                                  Share and take turns

Keep your hands, feet and objects to yourself

Be respectful of each other and the school environment
Use kind words

As you can see, some of the grades are doing super duper well with this, especially grade 5, mu 'winners' for term 1! 

My kids come in and immediately go "shhhh, guys! We need to get a sparkly today!!" Genius!!

This is how I did it!

A printer
A laminator (optional)
Laminating sheets (optional)
Coloured Paper
A3 Poster Paper

To make the notes….
1. I began by finding an image of a crotchet and preparing a document that can fit in as many as possible. you can download the crotchet page here!!
2. I then printed this sheet out onto a different range of coloured paper. The crotchets will look like they are back to front but it will all make sense soon!
3. Laminate those pieces of printed paper
4. Cut your crotchets out and flip over.
You should now have a lovely rainbow pile of coloured noted to be adhered to the board we're about to make!

To make the board….

1. Print out this attached staff and zoom in to the desired size. You may need to have a play but mine required 3 sheets of A4 paper. It's up to you how long you want them!
2. Laminate your pages (that's 21 pages, make sure you have a cuppa nearby and lots of laminating pouches!)
3. Cut your A3 pages into strips the same width as you A4 sheets (about 25cm will do!)
4. Attach your lovely laminated sheets to your A3 strips. you could do this with double sided tape or adhesive spray, I used PVA.

Let them dry, then this is what you'll have!

Stick them up in your classroom and you will have the best classroom management system in town! (Remember, I've been teaching primary for 12 weeks….). 

Let me know what you think!

What else works in your classroom?

Any more tips for a new primary music teacher?!

Thanks for visiting xox

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