...Cranberry Oaty Cookies

Ok, I'll be completely honest...these are actually lactation cookies. Delicious lactation cookies!!

I had no idea how they would turn out or what they would even taste like, but they're really yummy-even though they taste a bit like Vegemite!!

I got the recipe off this site and had a bit of a play around with the recipe by adding in cranberries, almonds and a bit of coconut, then, in the last batch, I was a nit sneaky and added some dark chocolate. Those are treat ones!!

Mum and I had a lovely time preparing the photo shoot for the blog today, and certainly enjoyed testing the end product.

I suppose they are basically Anzacs with some additions to enhance lactation. The recipe would be delicious for those not breastfeeding too, probably just leave out the brewers yeast :)


Here are my yummy additions!!

Oh how I love my Kitchenaid! I creamed the butter and sugar in here before adding in the eggs one by one

I then threw in some almonds VERY roughly chopped, this way they have a deliciously crunchy texture.

I found that squashing the cookies down works best as they don't really change shape in the oven

Delicious with a cup of tea <3

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  1. Bec made some of these for one of our lunches, and she added white chocolate and dried cranberries as well. Yum!


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