...Prettying up my blog!

So, I've just changed my background and added a signature to my blogposts! I'm feeling a bit clever now!! Thanks heaps to The Crafty Mummy for her quick and easy tutorial. After hours of mucking around with HTML codes, she really saved my sanity! That may just count as today's creativity-although I have a pretty fun project lined up for this afternoon!

The quilt is still coming along nicely, I spent 2 hours quilting it yesterday and all I have to now is the binding and hand sew the name in the back.

I REALLY want it finished by tomorrow, but we'll see...

Here's a sneak peak of what I did yesterday....


  1. Thanks for the link back, Emmie! I'm so glad I could help you! I love your background too - very sweet. I'm going to have to come back to see your finished quilt...

  2. how did you make the graphic around your signature?


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