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...Pretty beaded teething necklaces

Here is one of the easiest pieces of jewellery you will ever make!
The convenient thing about this very pretty necklace that also doubles as a teething necklace for bubby. If you don't have a bub, though, it can be worn as a pretty accessory with any outfit,  and it won't be covered in saliva. A win for all!

All you need for this necklace is a few items that you will most likely have lying around the house

*1 metre of a pretty fabric (preferably something that'd match a colour that you wear a lot) This is fabric from Moda called 'flirt'-you can also see it in action here
*7-12 wooden beads (I got mine from Riot)
*A safety pin

Here's what to do-

Cut a piece of fabric about 1 metre long x 10 cm.

Fold the fabric in half lengthways, right sides facing, and sew that strip ALL the way along the raw edges. Firstly do this with about 1cm seam allowance, then 1/2cm-just to have it super safe and secure so no choking hazards occur!!!!

Fasten a safety pin at one end, then poke it through the main part and feed it all the way through until you have your fabric the right way out.

Tie a knot at one end of your fabric. I found that knots work much better if you twist the fabric first
Feed your first bead through from the open end all the way through to the knot, then tie another knot.
Continue doing so until you are happy with the length of your necklace. Tie one last knot at the end of the last bead.

Now it's time to attach your ribbon!!

Fold in the first frayed end of your necklace, then tuck a piece of ribbon into the hole. Depending on the size of your ribbon, you may or may not need to fold over your fabric-as pictured,

Sew your ribbon into place then repeat on the other side.

Look at that-you're done!!!


I'm thinking I might make a few to mix and match with different outfits...not that I need any more necklaces!!!

Depending on what day it is, you may find this post at any of these parties!

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  1. Luv dis necklace Em! U r soooo creative :) Poojie


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