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...Pretty Drink Coasters

Hey all!

Todays project is once again inspired by a few pins I've seen recently and I figured I'd give them a go myself.
These coasters are so cheap and easy to make, a little time consuming, but the finished product of this fun and creative project is totally worthwhile!

I found the tutorial on this site and pretty much followed it exactly. The only change I made was using PVA mixed with a bit of water instead of Mod Podge. PVA is much cheaper and more easily accessible.

Here's what I did-

Make sure you have your supplies ready-

Tiles (as many as you'd like to make)
As many pieces of scrapbook paper as you have tiles (I had 6)
Clear varnish spray
Felt (I chose a pretty colour, but anything would be fine)
Sponge brush

Cut your paper and felt pieces into the desired sizes, I decided to make them as close to the tile size as I could, but feel free to cut your paper a bit smaller if you like the contrast of the white tile behind your pattern.

Mix your PVA glue with a smidge of water. I honestly wasn't too sure of the correct consistency as I've never used Mod Podge before, but I'd say it would have been 3 parts PVA to 1 part water.

Spread a layer of glue onto your first tile, lay paper carefully on your tile, adjusting it to be in the exact position desired.
Wait for glue to set before coating with a layer of glue. I made sure I waited until the glue was completely dry before putting on another layer, this is where this project can take aaaages! I coated my tiles on 4 layers of my PVA mix.

Once you are happy with the coating on your tiles and they are COMPLETELY dry, glue your felt to the back of each tile with PVA (this doesn't need to be mixed)

Take your Tiles outside on some newspaper and spray with your varnish

Enjoy a lovely cup of tea with your pretty new creations!!

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