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...Love Heart felt brooches

I've had lots of requests and suggestions recently about what my next project should be. Some seem to be a bit of a challenge (thanks Ange!), others really easy.

As I  had really busy day yesterday, plus it was a Sunday night, I decided I'd opt for an easy option!

I bought my Mum a brooch a few years ago off Etsy and she was wearing it at lunch yesterday. Somebody asked if I had made it to which I though-why not?!

Mum's request was that it was made in orange but unfortunately, at 9pm when my baby was finally asleep and I found the time to start this task, I didn't have the chance to pop to Spotlight for orange felt!!
This seriously took about 20 minutes and requires only a few materials

a brooch back

-I made them sitting on the couch in front of Die Hard!

Here's what I did.

Cut out 2 felt hearts to the shape and size you want. Mine are about 8 cm tall
 Sew a basic stitch around the perimeter of the heart. You can make these stitches closer together to be more secure if you like, but I prefer the look of the bigger, spaced apart stitches.
When you are most of the way around your heart, fill the insides with stuffing. Make sure you make it nice and firm, and evenly spread throughout the heart.

Sew up the rest of the heart, making sure that you hide the thread by back stitching in between the felt pieces
 Attach the brooch back to the heart like so. Make sure it's very well fastened and evenly placed.

 I wasn't 100% happy with the purple one so I made a pink one too. Much better the second time around.

 Too easy!

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