...Red Velvet Cake

Yesterday I mad a Red Velvet Cake for my brother-in-law-to-be's birthday. 
Actually, I should rename it Maroon-not-so-velvety cake.

 It was lots of fun  (especially testing the cream cheese frosting!) but unfortunately it wasn't as yummy as I would have liked. It turned out really dry with a stale texture. Probably had something to do with he fact that I had a friend over and was pretty lax with the cooling process.

Oh well-here's some pics!


My Goodness I love my Kitchenaid!!
I iced both layers, partly because there was SOOO much icing, also to make it a bit taller


  1. It's not you Em, I've tried about three or four different red velvet and they were all Meh. I'm sticking with good ol' chocolate cake (without the red coloring)

  2. Try this recipe for 'Old-School' Red Velvet cake by Whisk Kid.


    It's not red, but then again you could add come food colouring easily, but the flavour's really great. The chocolate, cinnamon and red wine add three really distinct layers of flavour that work so well together :)


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