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...Boys Cot/Pram/Car Quilt with Disney's Cars Theme

Alright, this project is going to take a smidge longer than a few hours so I'll be doing this post in stages!

When I was pregnant, we didn't find out if Ava was a boy or a girl, so I made so many different combinations of colours and styles-girly, gender neutral etc. I've also made a few as gifts for little bubbies that have come along the way.

I have used this 'recipe' (pattern) to make quilts ever since I discovered it about 10 months ago and I've been quite addicted to creating many different quilts with it over that time. 
It is an absolutely awesome quilt and tutorial and you can find it here at the Moda Bakeshop.
**If you're interested in making the same quilt, follow her tutorial as it's almost flawless and very well written!**

I made this quilt for a good friends new little bubba, Etienne, a few months ago. I wanted to choose a particular theme and I decided to go for the whole space theme, including some Star Wars fabric, as I know Eti's Dad loves Star Wars! 

Here's what Etienne's looks like

Etienne's brother Finn just LOVES the space quilt, so I thought it only fair that I make him is own, so here is my current task. Finn just loves the Cars movies, so that's the theme I'm going for here. I bought these fabrics on eBay from the States and the UK, as well as some plain prints from Spotlight.

I divided the fabrics up into 25 different squares shared between these 8 different fabrics. 
I then paired them off into 9 pairs (leaving the others aside) and sewed them together, right sides facing, along the diagonal.  
I then cut through the middle, opened them out, then ironed out the seams-as pictured.  

Lay out your squares in the configuration pictured, ensuring you have no patterns touching. It's not too disastrous if you do, but it always looks best if your fabrics are well spaced out.
Cut some plain fabric into ten 1.5" strips. I use plain calico, but a contrasting coloured fabric would look great too!

Attach your strips onto your squares with fabric right sides facing, then open up as pictured before attaching your next square 
Lay out your strips in the correct configuration so they can be attached correctly!

 Attach your long strips of beige fabric to each of the joined strips, sew around your border and this is what you're left with.

More to come tomorrow!!

Aaaaaand, I'm back! To continue with the racing car theme, I decided I'd use the checkered fabric as the outer border to symbolise the racing flag. I decided to make this border 2 1/2" thick as opposed to the 2" mentioned in the pattern.

Then for my favorite part (this is where I wish there was a sarcasm font...) Batting and binding. Gah!!
I pinne the quilt top to our rug in the lounge room to have it as stretched out as possible. I then layered the batting over  the pinned quilt top, followed by the backing of the main Cars print. Here is the sandwich op the 3 materials pictured

Then comes the pinning process. You need to make sure that you are starting from the cenre and working your way out. I was also really careful to ensure that the quilt top was pinned to the backing all the way around as I was pretty stretched for backing material so made sure that the entire quilt cover was accounted for!

 Here is the pinned backing

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