...Stripey Cushion

On Thusday night we went to Ikea and I got so excited seeing how much their fabric department is growing!! You get to cut your own fabric too!!! I felt like my dreams of becoming a Lincraft girl all came true!!

I absolutely fell in love with this stripey material. I think it's the colours, and also the thicker texture of the fabric that makes my mind go crazy with all of the projects I could complete!!

So we got home after 9, Ava wouldn't settle, we gave her and early dream feed and had her in bed by after 10 but I was still determined to make something!!

We have some tired old green cushion covers that stain easily and are falling apart so I figured I could piff out one of those and replace it with something fresh and handmade!!

There was no time for fancy binding and piping, I even sewed press duds instead of inserting a zip!! 

But here it is.

In hindsight, it may be a bit beachy for our place but I'm happy with it :)

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