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...Getting Organised-Part 1

Right! That's it! I'm getting organised!

I finally have my beautiful new extended house, yet I'm still feeling like it's a cluttered mess. Quite the dilemma when you double the size of your house yet still feel like you have no room for stuff, right!

Well, it's time to make some changes and I'm using my blog and my followers to help me out! Who's with me?!

I have been pinning so many wonderful tips and tricks for organisation, (Seriously, check out my organisation board-it's full of the stuff!) but have been putting off these projects for months.

I am getting started today!

I will be posting a series of projects on here to get my house into shape and I would love for you to join me! Share your ideas on here, let me know what works for you and let's share our beautiful organised houses! Sound nice?!

Here we go!

Today I started small, but I believe it has already made a wonderful impact!

This is what I started with

Pretty belch right? And this is a new cupboard too! Shameful....
Pretty Paper
Empty Toilet Rolls
Nice Baskets (Mine are from Ikea)

 Mark a line on your pretty paper showing the length of your toilet roll

Cut out your paper, glue it on and....

Ta Da!! Pretty cord holders!

Then roll up your cords, shove them in (Gently) and look! Super Tidy Hair appliances!

After that, divide your lovely products into categories (I did mine in 3, you may have bigger or smaller baskets, so it's up to you!) Then pop them into baskets.

This is how it looks at the end.

Aaaaaah, much better! All thanks to 2 little tricks!

Alright- my next challenge is the wardrobe.... wish me luck!!


  1. LOVE organising things! Such a good feeling to create order from chaos. I am a big fan of Howards Storage World for inspiration (but not always for purchasing; Reject and $2 shop often have a similar but totally suitable alternative). Good luck with your wardrobe; I was a fan of hanging storage (for shoes and such) as we don't have a lot of drawer space. Have fun!

  2. A neighbour had a Tupperware party, which I couldn't attend, but has left me with a catalogue. I don't think I can afford any of it, which is probably for the best coz I'd probably buy one of each if I could... Anyway, it's put me in mind to do something similar for our pantry. D you know we have three shelves of large milo tins full of flour, rice,sugar etc? They work well but are... Well... Aesthetically lacking. Wish me luck in conquering that wall!
    Love the tubes by the way! I always wanted to do the 'something stuck inside the door' storage idea but never have (rentals and all).


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