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...Personalised Etched Drinking Glasses

I'm in the middle of a few different projects at the moment-hence the lack of posts for awhile!

I recently came across a blog where a girl had attempted glass etching for the first time. I fell in love!
I promptly attempted to but some etching cream, but found it super hard to find here in Australia, so I bought some on eBay! As it was from the states, I needed to wait awhile for it to arrive...bla bla bla, FINALLY I was able to use it!

This project I already attempted during the week...and failed... so I gave it another shot this morning and seemed to do a bit better!

This idea was COMPLETELY stolen from this site, but if it ain't broke, right?

Armour All Etching Cream
Contact paper (PLEASE get a good quality one, mine's crappy and I regret it HEAPS!)
Printer Paper
Hole Punch
Rubber Gloves
Long Sleeves
Print out your letters. I did our initials with 'Janda Elegant Handwring' font

Stick these printed out letters (not yet cut out) onto your contact paper THEN cut out all together. I used double sided tape to attach them
 Punch out the shape you desire. Mine is the Fiskars flourish Hole punch
Clean your glasses really well leaving no fingerprints.
Carefully apply your punched shape edges, then your letters inside as pictured

Ok, this etching cream stuff is crazy scary stuff to use. You only need to read the bottle to see how insanely toxic, corrosive, harmful...etc it is. so PLEASE be careful.
I was so careful I didn't even get a picture using it. The above link does though if you need to know, otherwise, here's some really great info on the Arnour Etch website. Please read it. Now.

Use gloves, only leave for a few minutes (the brochure says 1, the other blog says 5....up to you)

And check these out!

I mean, we all need personalised drinking glasses, right?

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  1. I love it! After etching, is it safe to touch it?


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  2. Cool! I would love to try etching sometime on my copper jewelry. Thanks for sharing your tutorial.

  3. Looks better after etching. I enjoyed reading your etching blog.

  4. Wow, I love how these turned out! I am feeling motivated to give etching a try...I don't know why it seemed so 'scary' to me. LOL


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