Our Renovations...so far...

I feel like things have been a bit quiet on here lately, I've been linking up like a mad woman left right and centre, as well as working my way through my new quilt project...'a ha! That's what the answer to the hint was..."I hear you say!

I thought I'd give you a bit of insight into what's happening at my house.

Well, in one word, mayhem.

We are extending. Like, almost literally doubling the size of our home. Why must the timing be when I'm a full time at home mummy?! Crazy!

So we have at least 3 builders here a day, banging, sawing, drilling, ripping up my house and adding bits here there and everywhere.

We FINALLY have one room ready...well, all it needs is a coat of paint, so we're really close!

This is what it looked like. Yep, it was Ava's beautiful nursery

 Then it looked like this. I cried :(

Now, it looks like this!! Our new ensuite!

Here are some before and afters of the rest of the house...a big change!


Now look!!

I'm really looking forward to decorating the new rooms being built, re-doing Miss Ava's bedroom and just having some space where Heath and I are no longer living in each others pockets!

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