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...Copycat Geometric Leafy Print

Ok, so I'm a complete copycat! I  have been inspired by these two wonderful posts here and here and decided to have a go myself!

Upon looking back at the above two posts, mine's pretty crappy in comparison! Oops....
I had a LOT of trouble with colours and actually applied a few new layers on the purple, magenta and orange. Dramas! 

This was for a birthday present for my friend Leanne. I feel terrible that it's not perfect, but she seemed to like it.

I'd really like to do one again to put on a wall of prints in our new bedroom!

A blank canvas in your desired size
A base colour
Sponge Roller
Small Paintbrush
A variety of acrylic paints
a circular stencil to trace your circles (I used a medicine cup!)


Paint your canvas with a roller. Make sure you do 2 coats!

Measure the diameter of your circle stencil, then halve it. Mine was 4.4cm so I needed to make 2.2cm squares. Rule up your grid! Lightly...

Then, using your grid as a guide, draw your circles

 Here they are all drawn up, now it's time to paint! 

Work one colour at a time, be random and have fun!

 I'll do it's pretty cool, but I'd like to change up my colours and background colour and have it to match my new bedroom....stay tuned!!

 photo loveemmie2_zps3a833205.jpg

Depending what day it is, you may see this post featured at any of these wonderful parties!!


  1. Like I said before, LOVE it!

    Thanks so much for linking up at Give Me The Goods Monday! Can't wait to see what you link up next week!

    Jenna @ Rain on a Tin Roof


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