...Valentines Day

It's been a few days since I've written a post, but I've been maintaining my creativity every day...phew!!

How was your Valentines day?

My husband kinda dug a hole for himself a few years ago by proposing on Valentines day. Now's it's become an accidental anniversary for us as beforehand we certainly weren't really interested in the day at all!

This year, we decided to buy each other a $10 present each, whatever we liked!! So I set out to find something as terrible as I possibly could!

I walked out of Safeway with a silly straw that doubles as glasses, and a boxy toy puzzle thing.

That was until I came across this little fella.


Here is the 'Hot for you' Chilli Devil Plant with the 'cute as a button' card I whipped up the night earlier.

Terribly tacky, I know!!

I was given a cute little glue gun which is purple with pretty patterns on it. I kinda felt bad...but, really, this one's a bit of a winner 

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