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...Polymer Clay Necklaces!

Day 2 and I've managed to maintain my crafty flow....phew!

I 'launched' my blog and Facebook page today to my friends and family which was really exciting! Thank you to those of you who have liked my page and left such lovely supportive messages. I'm so excited to continue exploring the challenge with support from wonderful people.

So, today's task was to make something I have had my eye on for awhile-these necklaces are huge at craft markets and stalls at the moment and go for anywhere between $40-$80, so here's me thinking I had a real challenge on my hands....boy was I wrong!

These super cute necklaces are super dooper easy to make, and the colours can be chopped and changed depending on your outfit, mood or daily preference!

Here's how I made mine-

I bought this Sculpey from Spotlight this afternoon. Anyone who knows me well enough would recognise these colours as being my favourite-no surprises there..

I rolled the Sculpey into little round balls-I decided that they didn't need to be exactly the same size each...this may or my not be because it's REALLY difficult to make them match!!

 I then poked a hole through each ball with a toothpick. Be really careful not to dint your lovely shape when doing this, if you happen to muck it up, just reshape, then pierce the ball again.


Place your little creations on a tray lined with baking paper then pop them in the oven on 130C for
 30 mins

Once cooked, wait for beads to cool, then thread your beads onto the string of your choice.
Essentially a necklace or proper chain would be ideal for longevity, but for this project I decided to use some blue and white twine. I used a dolls needle to thread the twine as it is quite thick.


Here is the finished product! I only decided to use 4 beads-apparently it's better to always use an odd number, but I like the look of 4, so that's the way it is today.

Let me know what you think!


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