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...Beautiful colored jewellery/key bowls

Day 3...

I was so inspired by how wonderfully simple and effective Sculpey is to use that I thought I'd continue using it for today's creation!

My favorite part if the project was being able to experiment and be as creative as I wanted to be- have a go and see what you can come up with!!!

I found this idea on Pinterest at this really cool tutorial and almost became addicted to making these pretty little treasures.

I decided to use the coloured clay so I then wouldn't have to muck around with painting etc, but it left me fairly limited colour-wise, so perhaps using the white clay and painting it would be fun as you could choose any colour you like! Next time..

Use baking paper to roll it out as it saves you from having colourful clay sticking to your rolling pin!

Shape your bowl over a paper bowl. This is where I realised that using the limit amount of coloured clay available made it difficult to shape it well in this step. Once again, a larger amount of clay would have worked better

Stamp your mould with rubber stamps of your choice-alternately, you could draw in a shape of your choice with a carving tool, or a toothpick!
As you can see here, I use a paper doiley to imprint the pink heart bowl. To be honest, I wasn't completely satisfied with the imprint, but it adds a subtle and pretty texture that I still think is really nice.

Here are my finished products-a bit slap dash, I know, but I'm happy with how simple and effective they are, they'll look gorgeous on my dressing table, or the console by the door, and I whipped them up in under an hour!

Recognise the necklace :)

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