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...Hall Table Redo

I found an old hall table at a local Opp Shop a few months ago and ummed and aahed about buying it as it was $45. A few weeks later, it was up the front of the shop in the 'clearance' section for $20! 
It was meant to be!

 This is what it looked like before....pretty hideous, hey?! I especially love the brown glass tabletop. Pretty.

An old piece of furniture in need of some TLC
Sand paper
sharp stanley knife or exacto knife

Mod Podge
Pretty wallpaper/wrapping paper/fabric
Sponge roller
Sand paper
1. I sanded back the hall table. This took a few goes but I eventually got most of the varnish off, at least roughened the surface a bit so that the paint would stick and not peel off.

2. I then washed the whole piece down allowing a clean work surface

3. After that, I painted the wooden parts in a colour called Simone Weil by Dulux. It's the same colour we have in our bedroom and we had some left over in the tin! Very convenient!

4. I then measured the top of the table where the hideous glass is as precisely as possible. This step is VERY important!

5. I then cut my paper to size being very careful to ensure it was as precise as possible.
*Note* I am being super tight about this as I actually stuffed up this step and as I didn't have enough paper to redo it there's a dodgy patch on my table (not in photos...) so PLEASE be careful!!

6. With a sponge brush, spread a medium layer of Mod Podge over your surface. You don't want it to be too lumpy, but you also don't want it to be too sparse, you need your paper to stick smoothly.

7. Lay your paper down and with your brayer (or ruler, or rolling pin...or hands....) smooth it down as well as you can. I have a fair few bubbles spring up so I was really tight about getting them down and persisted as much as I could. You could use a pin if they are really bothering you, but I was determined that they would stick! Which they did...eventually.

8. Spread on a layer of Mod Podge over you perfectly smooth paper with a sponge brush, allow it to dry according to instructions, then spread on another layer.

I love this flourish on the front, I think it came up really well with this colour.

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  1. I love your table! It looks great! Where did you get that wrapping paper? I'm hoping to find some pretty paper to cover the back of a bookcase and I'm not sure where to look. Thanks for sharing! :)

    1. Thanks Helen!

      The paper is wallpaper from Masters! I love it too :)

      Thanks for visiting xo

  2. You did a great job with this...gorgeous, updated transformation! This would be great to link up to Create It Thursday #19…hope you'll join us!

    1. Thanks Leslie! I Have popped it on :) Thanks for visiting and for hosting!!

  3. this is my favorite blog party to visit. omg the power of paint and its ability to charm! bravo to you!

    hope you can hop over when you have a chance to read my interview with a hero of mine, rachel ashwell.



  4. What a sweet makeover~ Love that mirror! Thanks for linking up on Made in a Day!

  5. This looks amazing and thank you so much for sharing with us! : ) Hugs..


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