...Peach Cobbler

Last night we went to visit a friend of ours who always manages to cook us up an amazing meal, and we try to do the same in return, so I thought it might be nice to bring dessert!

It's been stinking hot here in Melbourne recently, and I was hanging out for a nice summery dessert. I did a google search for 'Summery dessert' and I found so many gorgeous looking treats-icecream sandwiches, tarts, ice creams, sorbets...-but I only had a very limited time frame once I got home (about 45 minutes!) so when I came across this Fruit Cobbler recipe, I was pretty stoked!

Now, being a melbourne girl through and through, I haven't really come across cobbler before...Crumble, yes! But never a cobbler. So this was a welcome discovery!

It's got nectarines and blueberries, which are in season here at the moment, so it was certainly in season in that sense, on the other hand, you probably couldn't find a more wintery warm dessert!

Oh well, it was bloomin' delicious!

Here's some pics. The recipe is very straight forward and I pretty much followed it to the letter so if you're interested, just follow this!

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