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...Old Furniture Revamp!

My craft area needs a revamp!
I've been jam packing my craft drawers and they have been overflowing with goodies
 for awhile now, so when I found this set of drawers outside my local Opp Shop I couldn't resist!

This is how I found them originally.


It had a sign on it saying 'free please take' How could I say no?!

There's some 90s paint work for ya!

I recently bought some Martha Stewart Stencils so have been super excited to stencil anything I can get my hands on...this will be my first victim!!

Here's how I did it!

I started by sanding it back. I didn't NEED to do this necessarily, but it removed the lumpy texture from the 'beautiful' sponge effect, and allowed for the other colors to go on smoothly.

I then applied a coat of primer, which looks a bit messy, but my goodness it made a difference!!

I then chose my colours... 

Here is the paint I've chosen-this base colour makes me simply giddy with excitement!!

Next was the fun part. Stencilling.

I honestly really enjoyed this part, I thought I'd get over it and find it really tedious, but it was quite the opposite, I loved it!

I tried a few different tools to apply the top layer, but the roller was definitely the best.

The application of the main pattern took a fair while (3 hours....) as you need to wait for the paint to dry a bit before putting the stencil over to line it up, but I'd always move to different areas to allow for it to dry in different spots, so that worked well. 

I then stencilled the drawers. I decided to use a different pattern for each one as they are all so prety and  I wanted to utilise all of them.

 Here's the finished product. I am pretty darn proud of the way it's turned out and I now want to go and find some more old furniture to do up!! Look out hard rubbish piles!

Depending what day it is, you may see my post at any of these fabulous parties!


  1. Beautiful Work. Love what you did with the chest. Thanks you for sharing. Visiting from Sassy Little Lady.

  2. Beautiful, nothing better than a piece being loved again :)

  3. This looks GREAT! What an improvement from how you found it! I found you at the Sassy Little Lady "Show and Tell Saturday" party. Thanks for sharing your creativity with us!

    ~Abby =)

  4. Great job making it over. I love the stencil and the way you used it. Glad I happened onto your blog from My Romantic Home.

    Jenny @

  5. This turned out super cute!! Fantastic job!! ;)


  6. Very cute! I love the different stencils on each drawer!

  7. painting something does wonders! looks great

  8. This looks great. Visiting from Motivate Me Monday.


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  10. Lovely job- you should be proud!

    I admit to doing MUCH sponge painting in the 90's and early oughts!
    ~Cringes now ~


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