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...Decorative Button Magnets

My husband bought me a magnetic display board for Christmas with the idea that it would be great for once I have my sewing/crafting area set up once out renovation is complete. At the time I figured I wouldn't be using it for a fair while, but after coming across this project I had to delve into our piles of packing and storage to find it! 

I saw this fantastic tutorial at The DIY Dreamer  and absolutely fell in love!

I've had lots and lots of buttons sitting around my craft station for awhile now, and I've been thinking up creative ways to use them and this tutorial was just perfect!

These magnets are really simple to make and require very few supplies

~Buttons of varying size and colour
~Coloured thread

Thread your needle with a pretty coloured thread, preferably one contrasting with your button colours. Make sure you tie a knot at the end of your thread.

Pile a button or two on top of each other, biggest at the bottom

Thread the needle through from the back to the front

 Pull needle through, but make sure you don't pull all of the tread through
We'll deal with that in a sec...
Hold the knotted thread with your middle finger underneath, then thread it through the other top hole and make sure you go all the way through each button.

When you get your needle through to the bottom again, thread your needle through the knotted bit as pictured. This way ot will be nicely looped and you can continue to thread your button nice and tight!
 Glue your magnets onto the back of your buttons. Make sure they're the strong, thick circular ones, not the tape stuff as it's (unfortunately) not strong enough.

Here they all are!

Pop them on your fridge, notice boards, display boards, computer, bedhead, desk, cupboard, bin-wherever you fancy! 

Pretty up the place!

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