....New Years Resolutions!

Ok, I don't really love New Years Resolutions. They seem to be filled with pressure to achieve often near-impossible feats, putting huge pressures and expectations on people, them come laden with guilt when those expectations are not met.

Therefore, no New Years resolution for me.

Alternately, I do love a challenge and a goal, and that is what I'll call this task-

My New Years Challenge

My New Years challenge is to attempt to do something creative and that I love every day, then post it on this blog. It may a sewing project, a crafty piece, a delicious baked treat or simply a beautiful photo. I'll pop something up even if its a disaster, it's all in the name of creativity!!

I will not beat myself up if I miss a day...or 5...., it is simply a challenge that I am going to do my best to plan to achieve!!

Let my year of creativity begin!

Happy New Year everyone!!!!

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