...Hummingbird Cake

Straya Day 2013.

This year I thought I might make a cake for our annual Australia Day BBQ dessert, and what better than a Hummingbird cake, right?

Ok, I've never made one of these before, but when I had a few over-ripe bananas in the fruit bowl I thought I'd look up my favorite baking cookbook for a Banana Cake recipe. On my search, I managed to come across this pearler of a recipe. I don't think I've even tried Hummingbird Cake before, let alone eaten some, I didn't even know it had banana in it! As soon as I saw that the cake contained pineapple, though, my decision was made.

Pineapple's Aussie, right?!

Anyway, I searched the pantry for ingredients and I have everything, except walnuts. But I did have pecans!

Pecans are Aussie, right?!

And so it goes!

Here's some pics of the process.... Saddest part is that I didn't actually get to try the cake as we left the Aussie Day Barbie early. A bit of a bummer as it was looking pretty spesh. 

mmmmmm......appalling, I mean, appealing......

 Man, I want some now!!

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