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...Beetle Bibs!

I bought this pattern off Etsy over a year ago when I first received my sewing machine and it's been sitting on my computer since then so I figured it was about time I brought this cute little project to life!
It's a relatively simple little bib, the pattern requires the use of embroidery stitching, I just used my machine, but I can see how it would look much better if this extra time and detail was taken.

As I bought this pattern online and it has a copyright on it I can't post the actual pattern pieces or be TOO specific with my details, but here's how I made this gorgeous beetle bib-

Cut desired fabric as you wish- you could use stripes to make a bug, or yellow with stripes for a bee etc but I thought this one suited Ava-plus I had this fabric on hand!!

 Sew together the top and bottom of the bib, right sides facing with a 1/4 inch seam allowance

Add on cheek fabric. I decided to use felt as it doesn't fray, but this leaves you fairly limited fabric-wise so if you're going to use a cotton patterned fabric, use fusible webbing according to the manufacturers instructions. Stitch around the cheeks either by hand or machine.

 Stitch on the beetle's smile! As mentioned earlier, I used my machine for this but in hindsight I wish I had embroidered it as it would make the mouth stand out much more.

 Sew on his eyes using contrasting buttons
 Choose a ribbon that matches your project, I was stoked to have this matching ribbon on hand, perfectly convenient!

Layer backing, batting and front of bib pieces all together, right sides facing. Pin all the way around, ensuring the ribbon is tucked in (Pictured above) and then sew all the way around. Make sure you leave a gap on one of the sides for turning out.
 After turning out, backstitch the gap and ta da!! Here he is!

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