About Me...

Hi there! My name is Emily and I am so happy that you've popped by!

I am a new blogger, a new Mummy and a relatively new Crafter...

 I decided I needed an outlet to show off my creations, whether successful or not, and hopefully develop a lot of skills along the way.

Emmie Loves... is where I get to share my latest crafty creations and sewing projects. To be honest, I am far from an expert...in fact, a lot of what I do is just made up or inspired by others and I like to continually give stuff a go. Creating makes me happy and I'm just trying to make the world around me a prettier and happier place every day. I hope to inspire and encourage you to sew, craft, create something fun for you or a loved one.

I live in Melbourne, Australia with my husband and beautiful little girl.

Her name is Ava Grace and she is amazing

Enjoy having a squiz and my blog, I promise it will get much better as I start to learn what I'm doing!!

Em xo

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